Basic Kit


The kit includes an AVR microcontroller (Atmega328P), Bluetooth LE, temperature/humidity sensor, illuminance sensor, accelerometer, and a leaf with a magnetic plastic case, and is suitable for ultra-compact, low power consumption systems that can be powered by coin cell batteries. You can create a sensor device.


Type Item Q’ty
AC02 BLE Sugar 1
AI01 4-Sensors 1
AV01 CR2032 1
AX02 29pin 1
AZ01 USB 1
AZ62 Connector Cover 1
AZ66 Basic Kit Case 1
Caution note 1
CR2032 coin cell battery 1
M2*15mm screw 2
Screw driver 1

Leaf List

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AC02 BLE Sugar

The Leaf is equipped with Silicon Labs’ technically certified Bluetooth LE module BGM11S22F256GA-V2.

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AI01 4-Sensors

This leaf is equipped with a temperature/humidity sensor, an illuminance sensor and an acceleration sensor. Equipped with power-saving sensors and suitable for long-term sensing.

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This leaf uses the ATmega328P and features 14 digital input and output pins (six of which can be used as PWM outputs), six analog input pins, an 8 MHz oscillator, and a reset button.

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AV01 CR2032

This power supply leaf contains a CR2032 coin cell battery holder, a power switch, an AD converter for voltage monitoring, and a 3.3 V to 3.3 V step-up circuit. 2cm x 2cm in size, it is capable of supplying 3.3 V power.

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AX02 29pin

This is a leaf with all 29 pins of the leaf I/F connected to a 2.54mm pitch through-hole.

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FTDI’s FT232RQ is mounted as a USB-UART conversion IC. It converts from USB VBUS (5V) to 3.3V with a step-down power supply circuit and supplies VBUS and 3.3V to each leaf.

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AZ62 Connector Cover

The Connector Cover protects the ACR (Anisotropic Conductive Rubber) from dust and debris.

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AZ66 Basic kit case

This is a case for the Basic Kit. It can be fixed to the wall with the magnets on the bottom.

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