Home-made leaf development

Develop your own original leaf!

Template Project for Board CAD

You can use Leafony’s template projects for various types of circuit CAD to help you design your boards.

I2C Address Map

There are several leaves in the Leafony kit that use I2C communication.
When the same I2C pin is used to communicate with multiple ICs, the same I2C address cannot be used, in principle.
When using I2C communication on your own board, design your board so that the addresses do not overlap.
The addresses already in use are shown in the table below.

Type Leaf Description Chip I2C Address
AI01 4-Sensors Temperature and humidity sensor HTS221TR 0x5F - -
Illuminance sensor OPT3001 0x45 0x44 -
Accelerometer LIS3DHTR 0x19 - -
AI02 SP&PIR PIR AK9754 0x65 0x66 -
AI03 MIC&VR&LED IO Expander PCA9557RGVR 0x1B - -
AI04 LCD LCD AQM0802A-RN-GBW 0x3E - -
IO Expander PCA9557RGVR 0x1A 0x1E -
AV01-AV04 BAT ADC ADC081C027CIMK 0x50 0x51 0x52
AV05 Solar ADC ADC081C027CIMK 0x52 0x50 0x51
AV06 Grove IO Expander PCA9557RGVR 0x18 - -
AZ02 SD&RTC Real Time Clock Chip 0x68 - -

Leafony bus Pin layout

Board Manufacturing Tutorial

Installation and removal of chip components

These videos show you how to install and remove small chip resistors and capacitance from the leaf.

How to install chip components

How to remove chip components

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Last modified 09.03.2021