This leaf is equipped with a piezoelectric speaker and a motion sensor. The piezoelectric speaker uses PWM and the motion sensor uses I2C to connect to the MCU leaf. The motion sensor has a built-in proximity detection algorithm and can detect proximity with simple settings and can output an interrupt signal when proximity is detected.



Item Description
Dimension   W23×D20.5×H5.3mm

Piezoelectric Speaker

Item Description
Part number CMT-1203-SMT
dimensions 12 x 12 x 3mm
rated frequency 4kHz(typ)
sound pressure level 81dB(min) at 10 cm, 5 Vp-p, 4,000 Hz square wave
Current consumption 5mA(max) at 5 Vp-p, 4,000 Hz square wave

IR Sensor

Item Description
Part number AK9754
Sensor Quantum-type IR Sensor
Interfaces I2C(Address: 0x65 or 0x64)

Block diagram


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