Use the piezoelectric loudspeaker in the SP&PIR Leaf to make the melody sound.

Leaf to use

Use the following leaves.

Type Name Q’ty
AP03 STM32 MCU 1
AV01 CR2032 1
AZ01 USB 1
AZ62 Connector Cover 1
CR2032 coin cell battery 1
M2*15mm screw 2


Let’s assemble leaves as shown in the figure below.


Source code

Open the Arduino, go to File → Sketch Examples → 02.Digital → toneMelody.

In this sample code, the speaker is supposed to be connected to pin number 8.
But as the loudspeaker is connected to pin 5 in Leafony, you should fix the following part to make it correct.1

  • Change the 8 to PB4 in line 37.
tone(PB4, melody[thisNote], noteDuration);
  • Change 8 to PB4 in line 44.

Execution Results

The melody sounds only once from the speakers.

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  1. The program differs from the AVR MUC leaf only in the designation of the pins. For more information, here. ↩︎

Last modified 15.03.2021