AZ02 RTC&microSD


This leaf is equipped with NXP’s Real-Time Clock PCF8523TK and a microSD card slot. The RTC can output interrupts to the MCU with alarms and timers, while the microSD card is accessible via SPI.


Item Description
Part number PCF8523TK
Type Real-Time Clock (RTC) and calendar
Interrupt Alarm and timer
Quartz crystal unit FC-12M 32.768000kHz 7.0 +20.0-20.0
Interfaces I2C(Address: 0x68)
Dimension W23×D20.5×H4.7mm    

Block diagram


Sample App


Libraries are available for this leaf. Please install and use the necessary libraries at Environment.


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  • Rev A1.0: First edition, January 2020

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