Web Bluetooth IoT with STM32

This sample is an STM32 implementation of the one introduced in the Basic Kit Web Bluetooth IoT. The Web Bluetooth application uses the same one as the Basic Kit. For more details, please refer to Web Bluetooth IoT in Basic Kit.


What to prepare

  • STM32 MCU, BLE Sugar, 4-Sensors, CR2032, USB
  • Windows1, Mac2, or Linux3 PC (for development)
  • Android4, iPhone5, iPad5 smartphone or tablet
  • Google Chrome (version 70.0.3526.0 or later)
  • Arduino IDE, STM32CubeProgrammer software V2.4.0

Sample app source code

Please download both in advance.

Leafony Configuration

In this sample, you can try the following leaf configurations.

Type Name Q’ty
[AZ62]/en/docs/leaf/others/az62) Connector Cover 1
AI01 4-Sensors 1
AZ01 USB 1
AP03 STM32 MCU 1
AC02 BLE Sugar 1
AV01 CR2032 1
- CR2032 coin cell battery 1
- M2*18mm screw 2


Assemble the leaves as shown in the figure below.

Pin assignment

Refer to the figure below for the pin assignment of each leaf.

Execution method

  1. Write STM32_4-Sensors_BLE.ino in Arduino IDE
  2. Open the downloaded index.html of Web Bluetooth App with Google Chrome.
    For details on how to use the web app, refer to Basic Kit Getting Started Guide.

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  1. Windows 10 version 1703 or later ↩︎

  2. OS X Yosemite or later ↩︎

  3. Kernel 3.19+ and BlueZ 5.41+ installed. ↩︎

  4. Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later ↩︎

  5. For iPhone or iPad, WebBLE(paid) is required because Web Bluetooth is not implemented in Chrome for iPhone and iPad. This is because Web Bluetooth is not implemented in Chrome for iPhone and iPad. ↩︎

Last modified 15.03.2021