This sample reads the value of the accelerometer mounted on the 4-Sensors leaf and displays it on the serial monitor.

Leaf to use

Use the following leaf.

Type Name Q’ty
AZ62 Connector Cover 2
AI01 4-Sensors 1
AX07 Back to back 1
AP02 ESP32 MCU 1
AV04 2V~4.5V 1
AZ63 Nut Plate 2
AAA battery holder 1
AAA battery 3
M2*8mm screw 2
M2*12mm screw 2
φ10x2mm magnet 1


Let’s assemble leaves as shown in the figure below.


Source code

Write the following program in the Arduino IDE.

In order to make this sketch work, you need to install the libraries If you haven’t installed it yet, refer to Environment to install it.

//  Accelerometer
//    (c) 2020 Trillion-Node Study Group
//    Released under the MIT license
//      Rev.00 2020/05/05  First release
#include <Adafruit_LIS3DH.h>

#define LIS3DH_ADDRESS 0x19

Adafruit_LIS3DH accel = Adafruit_LIS3DH();

void setup() {
  // initialize serial communication at 115200 second per second:
  // initialize i2c communication with LIS3DH:

  accel.setClick(0, 0);                      // Disable Interrupt
  accel.setRange(LIS3DH_RANGE_2_G);          // Full scale +/- 2G
  accel.setDataRate(LIS3DH_DATARATE_10_HZ);  // Data rate = 10Hz


void loop() {;

    Serial.print("X [g] = " + String(accel.x_g));
    Serial.print(", ");
    Serial.print("Y [g] = " + String(accel.y_g));
    Serial.print(", ");
    Serial.print("Z [g] = " + String(accel.z_g));



Execution Results

Open the serial monitor in the Arduino IDE and set the baud rate to 115200 bps to display the acceleration and tilt.

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Last modified 15.03.2021