AV04A 2V~4.5V


The RTC is equipped with a JST SH connector, which converts 2 to 4.5V battery voltage to 3.3V with a step-up/down power supply circuit and supplies 3.3V to each leaf. A switch to turn on/off the 3.3V is mounted on the IC. It has an AD converter to monitor the battery voltage. The batteries that can be connected to the SH connector are assumed to be two or three dry batteries or Li-Po and Li-ION batteries.



Item Description
Dimension   W23×D21×H6.2mm

Power Supply

Item Description
Part number RP604K331B-TR
Battery voltage 1.8~5.5V
Output voltage 3.3V±2%
Controlling method PWM/PFM Automatic switching control
Maximum output current 300mA (when step down)
Protection circuit Over current protection / Thermal shutdown

AD Converter

Item Description
Part number ADC081C027CIMK
Resolution 8bit
Reference voltage Vdd(3.3V)
Sample rate 188.9kSPS(max)
Interfaces I2C (Address: 0x50)

Block diagram



Switches and Connectors

Item Description
Switch Switch for turning on and off the 3.3v power
Connector JST SH connector

Sample App


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