Since the Trillion-node engine project, or software developed and released by the Trillion-node study-group, is Licensed by MIT, you can use the You are free to use it. Other software, such as the library, that you may use when using Leafony, is under the licensing conditions of the respective code. The license terms are usually written in the respective program code.


The Leafony bus board layout (artwork) is copyrighted and published under the <a href="https:// Since it is available under CC-BY License, you can use it freely for commercial purposes as long as you specify “Leafony compliant”. Therefore, you can develop and sell your own leafs freely. We do not claim the copyright of the other parts of the artwork.
On the other hand, “Leafony” is a registered trademark of Leafy Systems, Inc. Please refrain from using the name “Leafony” in the product name of your self-made leaf, as it may lead to confusion with the LEAFONY SYSTEMS Corporation’s product line and confuse the market.


Leafony is a registered trademark of LEAFONY SYSTEMS Corporation.

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Last modified 09.03.2021