AX06 Grove&5V


Seeed Studio Grove series compliant leafs that operate at 5 V with UART, I2C, analog and digital inputs. 3.3 V to 5 V is converted to 5 V by a step-up power supply circuit and supplied to the Grove. It is possible to turn off the 5V power supply by controlling the I2C Expander to achieve low power consumption.



Item Description
Dimension   W33.8×D24.7×H4.7mm

Power Supply

Item Description
Part number TPS61099YFFR
Battery voltage 0.7~3.8V
Output voltage 5V±2%
Controlling method PWM/PFM Automatic switching control
Maximum output current 300mA @3.3V to 5V
Protection circuit Over current protection / Thermal shutdown

I2C I/O Expander

Item Description
Part number PCA9557RGVR
Interface I2C (Address: 0x1B)

Block diagram



About UART, I2C, Analog and Digital

Item Description
UART For UART communication
I2C For I2C communication
Analog Analog Signal Inputs
Digital Digital Signal Inputs

Sample App


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