ESP32 Wi-Fi Kit


Based on the popular ESP32 microcontroller, this kit includes Wi-Fi wireless communication, microSD, and a real-time clock function. It doesn’t run on coin cell batteries, but it runs on a slightly larger battery. As is, you can send the value of the touch sensor to your smartphone or PC via Wi-Fi for easy display.


Type Item Q’ty
AP02 ESP32 MCU 1
AV04 2V~4.5V 1
AX07 Back to back 1
AX08 29 pin header 1
AZ02 RTC & micro SD 1
AZ62 Connector Cover 2
AZ63 Nut Plate 2
AAA battery holder 1
Caution note 1
M2*12mm screw 2
φ10x2mm magnet 1

Leaf list

Card image cap


Espressif Systems’ 32-bit MCU leaf featuring the ESP32-WROOM-32 module with integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE, which is technically certified.

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AV04 2V~4.5V

The power supply leaflet contains a JST SH connector for lithium-ion battery or battery box connection, a power switch, an AD converter for voltage monitoring and a 3.3 V step-up/down circuit.

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AX07 Back to back

A connector leaf that can be connected back to back.

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AX08 29pin header

A leaf with all 29 pins of the leaf I/F connected to a 2.54mm pitch pin header.

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AZ02 RTC&microSD

The RTC can output interrupts to the MCU with alarms and timers, while the microSD card is accessible via SPI.

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AZ62 Connector Cover

The Connector Cover protects the ACR (Anisotropic Conductive Rubber) from dust and debris.

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AZ63 Nut Plate

The Nut Plate is used to fix the leaf with a screw. Be careful not to use commercially available hex nuts as they may cause a short circuit by touching the electrodes on the board.

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