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IoT stands for Internet of Things and CPS stands for Cyber-Physical Systems. In particular, CPS is a system that connects real physical and digital spaces without being connected to the internet.


It is the basis of the Leafony project, a 2 cm square electronic board/electronic module. We call it a leaf because it is small and green. You can easily make your own leaf.

Leafony or the Leafony platform

Leafony is an open hardware and software platform built from leafs. Its ultra-compact size and low power consumption make it easy to create IoT/CPS systems, which is ideal to increase the development efficiency for the future digital transformation. Software development is easy. Of course, you can also develop software outside of the Arduino environment.

Leafony, a word coined from Leaf and Symphony, aims at the harmony between the individual and the whole, and Symphony represents the desire for the Leaf to come together to create great values, just as the sounds of the various instruments work in harmony to create a great piece of music.

The technical information on Leafony is basically free to use for commercial purposes. You can find more information about the license in the License section. User-specific leafs are sold by many companies, individuals, etc., under the guise of being Leafony bus compliant, and we encourage such activities. However, since Leafony is a registered trademark, we ask that you refrain from using the Leafony name on the leaf itself to avoid market confusion.

Leafony block

It is an electronic device that is made up of multiple leaves. Normally, stacked leaves form a block, so it is called a leaf block. An electronic device made by combining leaves, even if the structure is flat and spread out, is called a leaf block.

Leafony bus

A common pathway that connects multiple leaves to each other is called a Leafony bus. It defines the electrical and physical specifications for the electrical signal and power connections. A Leafony bus-compliant leaf will be able to communicate with other leaves, but since it depends on the software and so on whether the Leafony platform is completely safe to connect to, Leafony bus-compliance just means that it is possible to connect close to the physical level.

The Leafony bus artwork is copyrighted and published under the CC-BY License, so you can use it for commercial purposes as well as It is free to use as long as you state that it is Leafony compliant. Therefore, you are free to develop and sell your own leafs. However, since Leafony is a registered trademark, you should not label your leaf as Leafony on it itself; a leaf with the label Leafony will show you that the product quality has been verified, and you will avoid confusion.

Leafony connector

Newly developed anisotropic conductive rubber connectors for interconnecting the leaf. It is both a male and female connector. Although it is possible to connect the leaves with solder and other thermal compression techniques, the Leafony connector is more convenient.


Leaf is the only company that manufactures and sells Leafony, which was researched and developed by the Trillion Node Engine Project, and is the only company that displays Leafony on Leaf by LEAFONY SYSTEMS. It has been identified by the Trillion Node Engine Project.

Leafony bus-compliant reefs will be sold by many other companies, individuals, etc., and although we encourage such activities, there is no Leafony label on the reef itself.

Trillion-node engine

This is the electronics platform developed by the Trillion Node Engine Project. It is available to the public under the name Leafony, after organizing the hardware and software that are no longer under development.

Trillion-node engine project

The Trillion Node Engine Project is a research and development project commissioned and subsidized by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

Trillion-node study-group

It is said that in the future, many IT nodes such as IoT/CPS will be used in society. The purpose of this workshop is to discuss such future and share information. We are using Leafony as a concrete basis for thinking, and we are trying to promote Leafony for the development of IoT/CPS. We also provide a place to connect related companies that have needs and seeds.


Electrical connections between a Leafony block and the outside world may require some wiring. Such a wiring is called a harness.

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