AV01 CR2032


A CR2032 coin cell battery holder is mounted on this leaf, and the voltage of the 3V battery is converted to 3.3V by a step-up power supply circuit, and 3.3V is supplied to each leaf. A switch for turning on/off the 3.3V is mounted on this leaf. The AD converter for monitoring the battery voltage is mounted in this IC.



Item Description
Dimension   W24×D20.5×H8.7mm

Power Supply

Item Description
Part number TPS61099YFFR
Battery voltage 0.7~3.8V
Output voltage 3.3V±2%
Controlling method PWM/PFM Automatic switching control
Maximum output current 300mA @3.3V to 5V
Protection circuit Over current protection / Thermal shutdown

AD Converter

Item Description
Part number ADC081C027CIMK
Resolution 8bit
Reference voltage Vdd(3.3V)
Sample rate 188.9kSPS(max)
Interfaces I2C (Address: 0x50)

Block diagram



About the switch

Item Description
Switch Switch for turning on and off the 3.3v power

Sample App


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