ESP32 Wi-Fi Kit Getting Started Guide

Try the Wi-Fi-equipped Leaf!

The ESP32 Wi-Fi Kit is a development kit with the ESP32-WROOM-32 with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE, which can be powered by batteries or lithium batteries.

It’s easy to send touch sensor values to your smartphone or computer via Wi-Fi.

The ESP32 Wi-Fi Kit comes with this program written and ready to use right out of the box.

What to prepare

  • ESP32 Wi-Fi Kit
  • A Wi-Fi-enabled PC, smartphone or tablet
  • Your preferred web browser


  1. Insert three AAA batteries into the ESP32 Wi-Fi Kit and turn on the power switch.
  2. Use your PC, smartphone or tablet to search for Wi-Fi in the area and connect to the Wi-Fi of the following SSID.
    • SSID: Leafony_ESP32-AP
    • Password: password
  3. Copy the following URL, launch WebBLE and paste it into the address bar.
  1. Pins 7, 9, 22, 24, 26 and 28 of the 29pin header are assigned to the touch sensor.
    Touching the pins increases the capacitance and decreases the value. If the value falls below the threshold of 20, “Touch detected” is displayed.
    (Pin 24 is hidden in the sample sketch due to interference with the RTC & microSD. The detection threshold can be changed in the sketch. In the picture below, I am touching pin 26 with my fingertip.)

  1. When the 26-pin is touched, your web browser will change its display as shown below. 

  1. There is a magnet on the Nut Plate part of the ESP32 Wi-Fi Kit. Let’s install it on a metal wall.

  1. The sample app we used this time is “Wi-Fi Touchsensor”. The source code and how it works can be found here.

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Last modified 09.03.2021