If it doesn't work...

If Leafony doesn’t work, you can find more information about it here.

If you can’t find the serial port…

If you can’t find a Leafony serial port in the Arduino IDE, you can install a USB serial converter IC (FT232) driver. For more information, here.

If it doesn’t turn on…

If Leafony won’t turn on, you should check the following

  • Is there enough remaining battery power?
  • Is the button battery inserted in the correct direction?
  • Is the power switch turned on?
  • Are the connectors clean?
    If it is dirty, wipe it lightly with a paper rag moistened with anhydrous ethanol. If the problem persists, replace the connector. For more information, please visit here.
  • Are the screws tight enough?
    Tighten the screws properly, alternately.

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Last modified 09.03.2021